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Welcome to IrisDame Tech Cafe

Today, Softwares & Applications are all around us. You take Mobile devices, Computers, Leave your office but your modern televisions and simple kitchen equipments are working with softwares with interrelated functions coupled with relevant Hardware. 

Nowadays, They regulate nuclear plants, electrical grids, transportation, and other utilities that provide basics of life.

We design, implement software solutions for Industrial Applications. We serve Transport, HR, Restaurants /Resorts, Different Process Oriented Activities and much more with our Dynamic Platform.

Only the Best

Your Needs, Our Solutions

Visit Our Tech Cafe Near You, and Let us Know About Your Requirement. We will Design, Build And Implement The Solution Within No Time. Thanks To Our Dynamic Software Building Environment Which Enable Us To Deliver The Solution At Record Breaking Pace.


Its first of its kind, where you have to just upload an image of product & automatically it gets reflected in your own personalized android app. within few seconds. 

Inventory Management

Easy software for invoicing and inventory management. “IrisDame TradePro” Is the best companion for businesses.

Mobile App
First Businesses

It’s the mobile app where all your workload will find the rest. Its what we are doing since last 10 creating unique, stunning & intuitive UI/UX is what we love to create.


Keep record of itenaries of all your Tarucks and transporation vehicles. know their statuses by GPS trcking. Always be up to date.

Logistic Management

Keep track of your consignments. Prepare documentation for your clients. And Be ahead of Line to know whats happening to your Transportation Business with this powerful CRM.

RestaurantPro & ResortPro

RestaurantPro lets you manage your restaurant like none other platforms available outside. It is not our claim…but it’s a conclusion made out of client conversions from various other platforms to adopting the RestaurantPro.


ProcessPro is trained to keep you comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. It tirelessly keeps track of all the process that helps you create a finished product from raw material.

AI for Businesses

Collect data from your processes. Let our AI tempelate analyse it. And then get wondered with suggestions during planning recived from our application. We help you to evolve with how you handle your business processes.

Cognitive Applications

We empower our applications with cognitive capabilities. So Newspaper can be made available for listning along with reading it online.

Test the Magic of our applications.


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