RestaurantPro lets you manage your restaurant like none other platform available outside. It is not our claim...but it's a conclusion made out of client conversions from various other platforms to adopting the RestaurantPro. 


  • Manage Inventory to reduce extra investment.
  • An attractive user-friendly and easy to navigate interface.
  • One of the simplest ERP Software Solution for hospitality business.
  • Quick reports daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc.
  • Add, edit or open bill records at a time.
  • Add master contents as libraries and manage it easily.
  • simple interface for table and parcel management.
  • We can manage Restaurant related all required task in this software.
  • Bill Entry / KOT Entry / Total Sales in Single Screen.
  • Department wise KOT (optional) & Bill printing on Paper Roll or on Pre-Printed Stationery.
  • Integrated Tax Calculation.
  • Material Purchase / Return Entry.
  • Material Stock & Issue Report.
  • Material Report.
  • Store Issue / Return / Wastage Report.
  • Sales Summary Report.
  • Item wise / Department wise Sales Report.
  • Top Item Sales Report.
  • Purchase Entry with Itemwise Purchase Rate.
  • Purchase Return.

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